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The International Patellofemoral Study Group 

The IPSG provides members with a forum to advance understanding of the patellofemoral joint. Unlike some more traditional formal orthopedic surgery organizations, IPSG is truly a "multi-disciplinary study group" at present with common goals and a diverse yet focused group of orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and basic scientists.


IPSG was founded in 1995 when "a group of friends" with proven interest in the academic study of patellofemoral problems agreed to meet informally to gain mutual understanding of the vagaries and intricacies of this often misunderstood part of the knee.  The concept was to meet in attractive places for everyone's benefit and pleasure while remaining academically rigorous, gathering the right colleagues from "around the globe" and keeping the group small enough that easy discussion and debate would be possible. 

Our Next Meeting: IPSG 2024 Big Sky Montana!
               August 13-17, 2024 Registration closed. 



IPSG Mission Statement


We endeavor to advance and disseminate the understanding of patellofemoral disorders by meeting regularly to present and evaluate multidisciplinary scholarly research and to exchange and stimulate new ideas.


Patellofemoral Online Education


An excellent online reference is available at https://patellofemoral.org/patellofemoral-online-education/

which a site provided by the Patellofemoral Foundation (PFF), a non profit organization dedicated to education and research pertaining to patellofemoral disorders www.patellofemoral.org

ISPG encourages you to donate to PFF.  Please help promote progress in patellofemoral problems.  Donate here.  https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=NK45WB6R637DY



Patellofemoral Blog: Topics of Current Interest

Discussions of current research and controversies is available at


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